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Blues artist Lucky Peterson performs at The Falcon The stage lights slowly burn on, casting a shine on bluesman Lucky Peterson's sleek Fedora. He's seated behind an organ, smiling. A quiet gospel sounding tune spills out from the keys and a slow, jazzy drum cymbal kicks in. The sound swells and a commanding snare drum joins. It's loud. The organ runs over you like a Mack truck. Suddenly Peterson lets out a wail a yowl that'll raise your blood pressure just as the sound climaxes. You can't not dance. This is how Lucky Peterson opened his set at The Falcon in Marlboro, NY on Saturday, January 30. Peterson, a Buffalo, NY native, also played guitar and sang, with Mike Nunno on bass and Liviu Pop on drums. But frontman Peterson entranced the crowd which was already warmed up from a killer set by the Myles Mancuso Band like preacher leading a sermon. The group played as a trio until Peterson's wife Tamara a soulful crooner if there ever was one later accompanied them. He introduced her while strutting down an aisle in the audience with his guitar by shouting: "I've been married three times. My first wife was black. My second one was white. I'm in love again, with a pretty little queen but she ain't black, and she ain't white, she's somewhere in between!" And out from the back of the room, the Mrs. came sauntering up the opposite aisle singing (also without a mic). Her strong, warm voice has the soothing nature of a choir singer, but can let loose a primal rasp like Tina Turner. Their chemistry onstage together was electric: Sitcom funny, lovingly teasing, and natural. When she sang, his Cheshire smile grew wider. But his wasn't the only smile that brightened: Even the one exasperated waitress weaving through the crowd, spitting annoyed "Scuse me"s all night was finally beaming and grooving. And that's one sign of true talent: When a blues band is so good, it makes you forget you've got the blues.

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